Monday, October 5, 2009

thoughts about becoming a nun...

Yes, this thought actually did cross my mind (and stayed there for a while) this past week. Allow me to elaborate:

Friday night and Saturday morning our team went to an Episcopalian church to hear Chris Webb speak. I am now his biggest fan. Katy and I are going to start a fan club - t-shirts and everything. ;) He said a lot of things that I loved. The big thing was "following Jesus without reserve." He explored how people have tried to live that in the past, focusing on monastic traditions, and also challenged us to look at our own lives and see what is keeping us from following Christ completely. So I've been thinking about my life - what's holding me back? I crave comfort: nice things, people who think like me, ignorance of suffering and injustice...but God is calling me to live on the other end of the spectrum, in simplicity and devotion to justice.
I was so drawn to the monastic traditions and lifestyle that Chris spoke of that for a while I entertained the idea of becoming a nun. Yeah, no joke. The more I thought about it, however, I realised that I don't feel called to be a nun. What I'm drawn to is their lifestyle of simplicity, discipline, and devotion to living in obedience to God. But I don't think that I, personally, need to wear a habit in order to practice that kind of lifestyle. There's a movement today called "new monasticism." This movement draws from the lifestyle and traditions of monasticism, but fits it more to the 21st century. They live simply, many choose a life of celibacy, and they are devoted to living like Christ. This is the movement I long to be a part of.

An update on my service site: I'll basically be starting new this week. I'll still be helping out with the kids on Sundays, and my focus will still be on ministering to children, but I won't be working with the Children's Ministry at Ecclesia during the week. This week will probably consist of me contacting different organisations in the Montrose area (where Ecclesia is located) and trying to form connections with them and their children's ministries.


  1. If you're serious about the "new monasticism" movement, I recommend Bob Jones University. They're a lot stricter than BFA!! Actually, we talked about this movement, too, today in Freshmen prep class. We talked how external freedom, being able to do whatever we want, can restrict our internal freedom. I'm free to start smoking but soon it will have control over me, you know what I mean? So the teacher showed us this Bob jones Uni and their rules. Personally, I'd never go there....ugh. Well, glad you're trying out different things in your life!

  2. i've always been drawn to the lifestyle of a nun too, still am! in theory it makes the devotion to christ easier (not so many outside influences, the simplicity of life & purpose etc). But I think in reality that defeats the challenge or purpose that God has set before us. God wants to see if we can be devoted to him in the real world world, with and despite all the outside influences, temptations etc. When we can do that just think how much it shows our love and devotion to God!